Volleyball’s African Dream Project Product Fatoumatta Sillah Voted Talent Of The Year In The Gambia


If there is no surprise that the majority of Sport Journalists in Gambia “SJAG” have picked Fatoumatta Sillah as their first choice for emerging national talent of the year, there is one surprise from her sensational debut season at Brikama women volleyball team, she was just fourteen years old.

Sillah was the revelation of the league last year in Brikama’s dominance, but her impact hasn’t diminished one bit in every single match she played. She hasn’t just been phenomenal; she’s made her teammates better.

Sillah 14, fondly called ‘’Germano’’ emerged from the Brikama Dream Project Centre to merit her debut appearance in the Gambia’s national championship by guiding her team to 4th place in the championship. The tall lanky outside hitter joined the Dream Centre in 2015 and after one year of training she was called to the Brikama Volleyball club to be featured in the National League.

The icing on the cake for all was the presence of a rising Gambian volleyballer whose accomplishment in volleyball symbolises the theme of the event. Her’s was a story of a champion in the true sense of the word, rising from the African Dream Centre in Brikama to conquer Gambia with an ‘impossible’ performance at the biggest stage in the country’s national championship.

The emerging star in Gambia Fatoumatta Sillah

14 years and still counting, her charismatic career flourished to become the nation’s most outstanding young player of the year awarded to her by the Sport Journalists Association of The Gambia.

Meanwhile the female beach volleyball team of the Gambia was also recognised as the emerging national sport team of the year. This came on the backdrop of their tremendous accomplishments in recent years.

Mohamed Saidy Khan
from Gambia


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