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The Athletics timetable for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games was unveiled today during a ceremony in the Japanese capital.

Spread over ten days, athletics competition at the 29th Summer Olympic Games will commence on Friday 31 July with the men’s 20km race walk, which will finish in front of Japan’s imperial palace, and conclude on the final day of the Games, Sunday 9 August, with the men’s marathon.

In between, competition will be spread over 17 exciting sessions at Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium.

“The Tokyo 2020 schedule is substantially different from our previous Olympic timetables, but will offer the vast majority of athletics fans attending the Games the opportunity to see Olympic medals being decided, with finals scheduled in 15 of the 17 sessions in the main stadium,’’ IAAF Competitions Director Paul Hardy said.

“Having finals in the morning, as requested by the International Olympic Committee, will enhance the visibility of athletics across all time zones. The stadium-based distance events remain in the evening sessions to reduce the risk of very hot conditions for our endurance athletes, while the road events will start as early as practicable in the morning.

“The new schedule also accommodates both the traditional doubles and the historic addition of the mixed 4 X 400m relay, the first time that athletics has combined the talents of both male and female athletes in one event at the Games.”

official logo of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Some of the key features:

– Nine finals will take place during the morning sessions – plus the finish of both marathons and all three race walks – which will allow more of the global audience to watch finals in prime time.

– The spread of events will allow most of the traditional doubles – 100m/200m, 200m/400m, 800m/1500m, 1500m/5000m, 5000m/10,000m – to be contested by athletes who are capable of contending in more than one event.

– All five road events are being held on separate days with no overlap so each will have its own chance in the spotlight. All races will start at 6am or earlier (the gun will sound the start of the men’s 50km walk at 5:30am) to give athletes the coolest and safest possible race conditions.

– The first athletics event of the programme, the men’s 20km race walk, will be a final, where athletes from host Japan will figure prominently in the medal chase.

– The multiple events will be showcased, with the decathlon and heptathlon staged together in the same two-day period (5-6 Aug), making a great experience for fans of combined events.

– The schedule will allow enough time for 400m specialists to compete in the new mixed 4x400m relay event that will be contested on day two, as well as the individual 400 events and the traditional 4x400m relay if they so desire.

Download the full athletics timetable for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Edo Sports Commission Dismisses Report On Chairman

The Edo State Sports commission has dismissed reports that its chairman, Barrister Godwin Dudu-Orumen has yet to receive his brief as head of the commission several months after he was appointed to the job.

A newspaper had in a report in the sports pages of its Sunday March 24, 2019 edition, stated that Barrister Dudu-Orumen had in addition to not having received his job mandate, had also failed to have a meeting with the Deputy Governor of the state, Rt. Hon. Phillip Shaibu, whose office oversights sports in the state.

The report also noted that the Edo State Sports Commission boss, Barrister Dudu-Orumen, following his inability to receive his brief and have a meeting with the Deputy Governor had tried without success to have audience with Governor Godwin Obaseki, to sort out the matter.

In a statement on Sunday signed by Nnamdi Okosieme, Special Adviser, Media to the chairman of the Edo State Sports Commission, the commission dismissed the report as false and misleading.

Okosieme noted that contrary to the position of the paper, Barrister Dudu-Orumen was well aware of his responsibilities as boss of the sports commission.

“There is no iota of truth to the allegation that Barrister Dudu-Orumen has yet to receive his brief as boss of the sports commission months after resuming duty. The law setting up the commission is clear and the chairman is quite mindful of his responsibilities as head of the commission and has been discharging them.

“The idea that several months after Barrister Dudu-Orumen was appointed chairman of the commission, that he has yet to have a meeting with his excellency, Rt. Hon. Phillip Shaibu, the Deputy Governor of Edo State, is preposterous. As anyone who has followed developments in the sports sector in Edo State in the last six months will attest, Barrister Dudu-Orumen has met with the Deputy Governor on several occasions. As a matter of fact, the sports commission chairman routinely briefs the Deputy Governor on the activities of the commission. Only recently, Barrister Dudu-Orumen and His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Shaibu were in the Edo State team led by Governor Obaseki himself to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Sports on the 2020 National Sports festival to be hosted by Edo State,” Okosieme said in the statement.

Barrister Godwin Dudu-Orumen

He added that it was also blatantly false that Barrister Dudu-Orumen as head of the sports commission has tried without success to meet with Governor Obaseki. He said the sports commission chairman has met a few times with the governor and was with him during the signing of the MoU on the 2020 sports Festival in Abuja.

The statement urged reporters to always seek clarification on issues before publishing noting that the latest report was capable of not only injuring the reputation of Barrister Dudu-Orumen but equally denting the image of the sports commission particularly as it seeks to revolutionize sports in Edo State.

Prioritize Sports In Your Fiscal Policy Ejidike Task Buhari, Others.

As Nigerians eagerly await the birth of yet another democratic dispensation come May 29 this year, the Nigeria Pillar of Sports, Chief Donatus Agu Ejidike, JP has tasked President Muhammad Buhari and elected Governors, National and States Assembly members to give sports development and promotion priority in their fiscal policies to enhance desired national developments.

The Nigeria Pillar of Sports, Chief Donatus Agu Ejidike, JP in a congratulatory message to all elected and winners of the 2019 General Elections in Nigeria sounded that for a truly genuine nation building and national integration, sports developments and promotion must be given a desired attention and financial support.

Chief Donatus Agu Ejidike, J.P

According to the Sports phillathropist, the Nigerian population is dominated by the youths who are sports lovers, hence the need to capture and shape their patriotic zeal through sports.

Ejidike called for a genuine sports summit that will be all -encompassing where all the stakeholders would express their motives and understanding about the way forward.

He added that sports is the only instrument through which nationalism and patriotism could be preached and imbibed.

“It must be sounded that over time, sports has been identified as a platform through which crimes could be curbed as the youths would be gainfully engaged in sports. I implore President Muhamadu Buhari, National Assembly elected, Governors, and all elected State Houses of Assembly members to legislate and implement policies that would enhance sports developments in our dear country. When this is accomplished, the nation would witness rapid socio-economic growth “.

President Muhammadu Buhari

Ejidike also noted that in sports, ethnic, tribal or religious sentiment have no place which means such a venture is highly desirable in Nigeria.

He cautioned politicians to eschew violence, thread the path of peace and imbibe spirit of sportsmanship as the Independent National Electoral Commission announces election results.

ISSF President Pays Official Visit To Tokyo 2020 Games

The ISSF President Vladimir Lisin paid visit to the host city of the 2020 Olympic Games, Tokyo, where he held a series of meetings in connection with the preparations for the Olympic Shooting competitions.

The ISSF delegation discussed several important topics with representatives of the Organising Committee’s Sports Department, transportation, venue management, accommodation, procurement, sport presentation and other services.

Following the important tendency to reduce Organisers’ expenses, several proposals were made to reduce the costs for the construction of facilities and for the Test Event.

The ISSF delegation pointed out a good way of planning preparations to the Games, and agreed upon joint efforts with the Organising Committee in order to achieve the desired results.

The ISSF President also held meetings with the Presidents of the National Rifle Association of Japan (NRAJ) Mr. Kiichiro Matsumaru and of the Japan Clay Target Shooting Association (JCTSA) Mr. Yoshihiro Takahashi, and thanked them for the warm, friendly atmosphere and the optimistic mood enjoyed during the visit of the ISSF delegation.

The positive outcome of the visit were confirmed during a meeting with Mr. Yoshiro Mori, President of the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee.

2020 SPORTS FESTIVAL FACILITY TOUR: Dalung Thrilled By Quality Of Structures…

The Nigeria Minister of Sports, Barrister Solomon Dalung on Monday commended the Government of Edo State for its preparedness to host the 20th edition of the National Sports Festival billed for 2020.

The sports minister who paid an unscheduled visit to the state to assess the level of work at facilities for the Games now being referred to as “Benin 2020”, was left speechless after inspecting facilities at the various locations designated for the hosting of the games. The facilities include the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium, Benin Technical College and the University of Benin.

“I must confess that from what I have seen on ground, the Edo State Government is more prepared for the hosting of the National Sports Festival than I had imagined. Of course, there is still the need for some touches here and there but that is where the Federal Government comes in because the National Sports Festival is a Federal Government event. Even the University of Benin from the facilities I see on ground, can successfully host the games and I seize the opportunity to commend the founding fathers of the institution for this great initiative. I am totally happy with all the locations visited here in Benin-City”, the minister declared.

Asked to comment on the renovation work done so far on the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium, Dalung said he was more than satisfied.

“The contractor has already assured that the stadium will be ready by April. The stadium from what I have seen is capable of becoming the best in the country but I have already advised the Edo State Government not to compromise quality. The stadium is going to become not only a state monument but also a national monument hence the need to emphasise the use of quality materials and products”, the minister stated.

Responding on behalf of the Edo State Government, Barrister Godwin Dudu-Orumen, the Chairman Edo State Sports Commission re-iterated the readiness of the state to host the best national sports festival. He said the state will leave no stone unturned to achieve this.

“The Governor Godwin Obaseki led administration is already re-constructing the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium to international standard and we are building 20 mini stadia in the 18 local governments of the state. We not only want to host the games, we want it to be the best ever since the inception of the games and you can rest assured that we are going to put every machinery in place to achieve that”, he stated.

Edo State was awarded the hosting rights for the 20th National Sports Festival last December in Abuja at the close of the 19th edition which was also held in Abuja.

Edo 2020: We’ll Deliver Best Games Ever, Says Governor Obaseki

Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki has assured Nigerians that his administration will host the best National Sports Festival seen the inception of the games in 1973.

The Governor made the promise at the National Stadium in Abuja on Sunday night moments after Edo State was handed hosting rights to the 2020 edition of the festival.

Edo State finished in third place behind Rivers State and winners, Delta State at the just concluded 2018 edition of the festival hosted by Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.

National Sports Festival 2018
photo credit: National Sports Festival

An elated Governor Obaseki thanked the Federal Government for reposing confidence in Edo State by handing it hosting rights to the 2020 games. The Governor who embarked on an excursion into world history by drawing comparisons between the determination of his state to do everything possible to deliver a qualitative games, and the valiant British pilots whose sustained bombing of German soldiers and facilities during the Second World War, helped tilt the war in the Allies favour, said:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, taking cue from the great British statesman, I and the people of Edo State assure you that the confidence reposed in us would be justified. There will not come a time anyone will have cause to regret this momentous decision you have taken to hand us this hosting right.

“Like the valiant British fighter pilots of World War II we will take every step necessary, make every sacrifice needed, and climb every height necessary to deliver the best Games in the annals of the Sports Festival”.

Acknowledging that there would be challenges in hosting the games, the Edo State Governor said:

“There will be challenges on the way, no doubt but we are Edo people. We have the men who can do the job and the facilities that will facilitate performance.

“Whatever challenges there are, we will overcome because Edo people tread where even lions do not. Like our warriors of old, we will slay every foe and surmount every obstacle to succeed”.

He said the 2020 Games will surpass previous games in every respect.

EDO State Governor Godwin Obaseki

“The 2020 Sports Festival will be different from any previously hosted and any that will come after it. Perhaps it can only be surpassed in splendour and organisation the next time Edo State hosts it afterwards.

“Edo 2020 Sports Festival will be a festival thriving on ‘strategy, organisation, technical apparatus, science, mechanics, and morale,’” he stated.

He assured that in the end, Nigerians will be more than happy to have witnessed the games.

“We make a solemn promise today that we will give it our all and at the end of the day everyone would say of the 2020 Games, ‘this is our festival in which we are well pleased’”.

SPORTS FESTIVAL: Edo State Groans Under The Weight Of Bloated Contingent…

SPORTS FESTIVAL: Edo State groans under the weight of bloated contingent as athletes, coaches suffer neglect

As other states settle down to competition at the 19th edition of the National Sports Festival, which got underway yesterday, Edo State is groaning under the weight of an over-bloated contingent.

With 591 athletes and officials, Edo State has the largest contingent at the games.

Checks reveal that more than a third of this number are not athletes but individuals smuggled into the team for personal reasons. These individuals investigations revealed, have been given preferential treatment over athletes and coaches who are the main actors at the festival.

Whilst coaches and their athletes have been struggling to get themselves accommodated and paid their outstanding camping allowances and settle down to compete, these individuals smuggled into the team have since been settled into comfortable accommodation.

“We have been treated like orphans right from Benin City. We had trained for about two weeks courtesy of the generosity of our coaches who funded the exercise because the state refused to provide funds.

“We travelled overnight on Wednesday and arrived in Abuja yesterday(Thursday) morning and were driven straight to the stadium. Even after the opening ceremony, we were huddled into the bus and spent the night without being accommodate,” an aggrieved female athlete said.

Generally, within the Edo State camp there was a general atmosphere of disquiet as athletes and officials, abandoned to their fate, wondered who exactly was in charge.

An angry coach told this reporter that their patience had breaking point. He said that since he had been attending sports festivals, he had not seen the kind of disorganisation and confusion like the one that has attended Edo State’s preparation for this games.

“It is very unfortunate what is happening here. We don’t know exactly what is happening or who is in charge. When you ask questions the response you get is, ‘we are looking into the matter’. In the end nothing gets done,” the coach who asked that his name not be mentioned, said.

National Sports Festival 2018
photo credit: National Sports Festival

A visibly disturbed Barrister Godwin Dudu-Orumen, the newly appointed chairman of the Edo State Sports Commission (ESSC) refused to respond to questions on the development within the camp as he shrugged off all entreaties to make him talk.

Checks by this paper revealed the existence of multiple lines of authority as certain officials in the delegation attempt to bypass and undermine the authority of the chairman of the commission.

Despite the drawbacks, Edo athletes managed to focus on their events, winning a few medals in events like powerlifting and table tennis on the opening day of the competition.

It is not clear whether Edo State Governor; Godwin Obaseki is in the know of developments within his state’s camp. The Governor, who was at the opening ceremony of the games on Thursday December 6, had assured the contingent of support in their quest to win laurels for the state.