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AIBA Extraordinary Congress, To Elect New President To hold In November – Umar Kremlev

The Secretary General of the Russian Boxing Federation, EUBC First Vice President, AIBA Executive Committee member Umar Kremlev as commented on the decisions of the AIBA Extraordinary Executive Committee, which was held in Geneva on Thursday.

The Executive Committee of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) voted to annul the article of the AIBA bylaw, according to which Gafur Rakhimov could return to the presidency of the organisation. The initiative was supported by 13 members, one against, eight abstained.

AIBA Executive Committee voted to hold an Extraordinary Congress, at which the new AIBA leadership will be elected. It will be held on November 15, 2019, in Lausanne, Switzerland. The decision was taken unanimously.

“Today we have united and made serious decisions, got rid of the man who deceived the entire boxing community, saying that he would pay off all debts and find a common language with the IOC. He brought AIBA to the risk of bankruptcy”.

“He should apologise to the entire boxing community. Today we removed the article 16.3 of the bylaw so that he could not return, and we voted for the Congress, which will take place on November, 15 and on which we will elect the new AIBA leadership”.

Volodimyr Prodivus and I also announced a vote of non-confidence for the AIBA Interim President Mohamed Moustahsane and the chairman of the Ethics Committee Jost Schmid, as he is a supporter of the former leadership.

A commission was organised to discuss the restoration of AIBA with the IOC under the leadership of Giorgio Brugnoli, as well as a commission to prepare for the Congress headed by Volodimyr Prodivus from Ukraine. The financial commission was headed by Di Wu from China.

I wanted to say a big thank you to all members of the AIBA Executive Committee for the demonstrated unity Umar Kremlev Concluded.

AIBA Remains Confident After Meeting with IOC Inquiry Committee

An eight-person strong delegation, led by Interim President Dr. Mohamed Moustahsane met today with the IOC ad-hoc inquiry committee.

During the meeting, a number of areas were discussed including AIBA’s significant progress in regards to finance, governance and refereeing and judging. AIBA provided the committee with insights into its complete transformation of the organisation, explaining the improvements made and assessment tools put in place that will ensure the continued positive work that has been done to rebuild all areas of the organisation. In addition, the AIBA team further responded to the last outstanding points raised by the committee.

Dr Mohamed Moustasane AIBA Interim President

Dr. Mohamed Moustahsane, AIBA President said: “We had a very productive meeting with the IOC inquiry committee today and we remain confident that Mr. Lalovic and his team will be able to positively report back to the IOC Executive Board in a few days’ time. We have done everything in our power to work with the IOC and all of our Olympic Partners, and we remain optimistic about the future of Olympic Boxing and AIBA’s ability safeguard this great sport.”

Nigerian boxer Lasisi claims WBC title

Fast rising Nigerian boxer Lasisi Aliu yesterday defeated Nicaragua’s Ricardo Blandon on a unanimous decision to claim the WBC International Super-Flyweight crown at the Emirate Golf Club in Dubai, UAE.

The Nigerian boxer whose stat stands at 13-0, 8KO was profuse in appreciation to his supporters and sponsors.

Nigerian boxer Lasisi claims WBC title
Photo credit: Lasisi Aliu

” I thank God for this victory. And I also want to thank my supporters and sponsors for their unflinching belief and support,” he said.

Akeem Busari

Mohamed Moustahsane Elected AIBA Interim President

AIBA Executive Committee has elected by a vote of 23-0 with 2 abstentions Dr Mohamed Moustasane to serve as the AIBA Interim President.

Dr Mohamed Moustasane AIBA Interim President

Dr Moustashane replaces Mr Gafur Rahimov who has chosen to step aside pending resolution of some political issues. Dr Moustahsane will assume the position of AIBA Interim President effective immediately.

Boxers Worldwide Left in Limbo as Their Olympic Future Remains Unclear

Boxers from around the world who have been training for years towards their Olympic dreams continue to be left in the dark about where, when and how they can qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games in a little more than a year.

This is the main concern of the International Boxing Association after taking note of the statements made today by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) regarding the ad-hoc inquiry committee report to the Executive Board.

While AIBA has provided not one, but four comprehensive reports over the course of the last year to the IOC EB for review, it is very surprising that the IOC are unable to provide a conclusive decision regarding boxing’s Olympic future at this time. Given that an additional report was submitted on February 20th2019 and assurances were given that an official hearing and inquiry would be made before the IOC EB meeting in March 2019, AIBA is gravely concerned by the indifference shown towards the process and preparation of athletes for the Games.

Since late 2017, there were claims of concern regarding AIBA and in response AIBA has undergone a complete transformation, working positively with a number of Olympic partners to rebuild all areas of the organisation. Improvements have been made on all fronts and the organization has clearly demonstrated its dedication to moving forward and improving its practices for the sake of the sport of Boxing and its athletes.

Photo credit: AIBA

Tom Virgets, AIBA Executive Director said: “We have done everything in our power to work with the IOC, providing them with numerous reports and documentation. There is no more information left to give; it is now time to wrap up this inquiry and move forward. This further delay has a direct impact on our athletes, it is a complete disaster for boxers around the world who are being left in limbo without any support or access funding. We don’t understand why we can’t put the well-being of boxers ahead of anything else, it is time to move on – our boxers are waiting, our officials are waiting and our fans are waiting.”

AIBA President Mr. Gafur Rahimov Steps Aside.

AIBA President Mr. Gafur Rahimov has today stepped aside as president of the world boxing body. In a statement received this afternoon from the official AIBA mailbox, Rahimov explained his reasons for taking the decision following what he described as “fabricated and politically motivated lies”.

The Outgoing AIBA President also said: “I have always said that I would never put myself above Boxing, and as President, I have a duty to do everything in my power to serve our sport and our athletes.”

“A lot of that was mainly focused on politics and not sport. While I had truly hoped and believed that sport and politics could be separated, and that the good work and positive changes being infused into AIBA would be recognised, the politically based discussions have put into question the progress being made throughout the AIBA organisation”.

Gafur Rahimov President of International Boxing Association, AIBA

Rahimov highlighted the progress made in the past year, but said he would be stepping and he has already started the process of seeing that an “interim President” is chosen to replace him.

He concluded by saying that: “I am convinced that all the good initiatives that have been implemented this last year will serve as a foundation that will continue to strengthen our sport in the future”.

AIBA Executive Committee meeting highlights unity & progress in Istanbul

The AIBA Executive Committee convened for a two-days meeting to discuss the current state of affairs and the continued progress towards its new reforms in the Turkish city of Istanbul on February 8 and 9. Among the various topics discussed were the relations with the IOC, appointments of commission chairs, the review and approval of Technical and Competition rule amendments and new business opportunities.

AIBA Executive Committee presents united front
The first day of the AIBA Executive Committee meeting clearly highlighted the unity between all members, as each expressed their unwavering support for the new President and the Executive Director in their efforts to move the organisation forward. “On behalf of the Executive Committee, I want to personally thank the President, Executive Director and the AIBA staff – what a difference they have made. I believe, as all the members here do, our top priority is to take care of our National Federations because without each other there is no us, there is no AIBA. […] I can say that I am happy to be a part of this new organisation and to my EC colleagues, if we work as a team, I think we can be very successful”, said Giorgio Brugnoli, Executive Committee member from England.

In discussions regarding the relations between AIBA and the IOC, including the update provided by AIBA Executive Director Tom Virgets, points were highlighted regarding the significant progress already implemented to date as well as the importance of working collectively and speaking as one voice in order to defend the interests of the athletes, the national federations and the sport of boxing as a whole.

AIBA Vice-President, Franco Falcinelli, commented “I would like to congratulate President Rahimov and Mr. Virgets on all the great work being implemented at AIBA. We are making good progress and together we are moving in the right direction”. He further commented making a point to raise his concern regarding the IOC’s decision to freeze the process of the qualifications for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games stating, “Is it really in the best interest of our athletes or the so-called protection for our boxers and our sport to wait until the end of June for them to know their participation to the Olympic Games? […] why put boxing’s presence in the Olympic Games in strong doubts for so long?” Heeding these concerns, and with the interest of the athletes in mind, the Executive Committee has decided to take steps forward in planning the placement of the Olympic Qualifications. This process will be conditional on the progress being made with the IOC, but will be able to give a pathway forward for athletes in their plans towards the 2020 Olympic Games.