Nigeria Commences National Volleyball League

The 2018 National Volleyball league has been scheduled to commence on the 6th of April,2018 with Zonal Qualification in the six zones and Kwara state for the military & paramilitary Clubs.

This formed the nucleus of the technical stakeholders meeting on the proposed national volleyball league held at package B of the National stadium, Abuja on the 25th of January,2018.

In his speech, the president of the federation, Eng Musa Nimrod lauded the stakeholders for their doggedness and willingness to contribute to the success of the league, which he described as unique and long overdue.

Eng Nimrod who attributed the poor performances of the National team to lack of local tournaments said “it became apparent that funding, publicity and professionalism cannot be attained until all the stakeholders come together to start a league.

Presenting the templates to the coaches, referees, clubs and states Association secretaries, the chairman of the technical committee, Martin Melandi highlighted that clubs will converge on location in the six zones while the military & paramilitary clubs will use Kwara state as their venue.

Melandi said two teams shall emerge from each zone to round 16 and 4 best clubs shall emerge from the federal zone to round 16. The remaining clubs that could not make round 16 shall fall into division 3.

He further explained that the 16 clubs that emerge from Zonal & federal levels would be grouped into Sahara & Atlantic conferences, while the 4 clubs that emerge from military & paramilitary will be divided into conferences through secret ballot.

“All clubs that emerge from S/W,S/S,S/E zones plus 2 from federal zone shall form the Atlantic conference while Clubs emerged from N/E,N/W,North Central plus 2 federal zones shall constitute Sahara Conference. 4 best clubs shall emerge from the two conferences each making a total of 8 clubs that will qualify to premier level while the remaining 8 shall form Division 2 and shall play each other for ranking. The 8 top teams from the two conferences shall also play each other for ranking & the best club in the premier wins the league for the season”

The Registration of clubs/Players begins on the 12th of February to 18th of March. The Zonal Qualification takes place on the 6th to 15th of April zonal.