The President of Lagos based Nationwide League side, Freestan football club, Prince Efemena Elutabe has charged the League Management Company to come hard on clubs who have been found guilty of various actions deemed inimical to the growth of Nigerian football.

Elutabe, who spoke with the press yesterday in Ibadan, after his team’s friendly match against 3SC, admonished the LMC to put action into their words. He was particularly irked over the decision of the League body to suspend the deduction of points from teams who have committed offences including crowd violence and insecurity at match venues.

” I am not happy that the LMC seem to have gone too soft on erring clubs in the league. It has become akin to the barking of a dog, ” Elutabe remarked.

” Why suspend the deduction of points? It should be instant justice against these clubs. Look if points are actually deducted from these unruly teams and it affects their fortunes, I believe that many teams will play within the regulations, ” he said.

Speaking further, he advised that clubs who are also found guilty of owing their playing staff should be equally punished.

President of Lagos based non league side, Freestan football club, Prince Efemena Elutabe

” Let the clubs owing their players be punished as well. How can you owe and refuse to pay your players and officials and yet, threaten them with suspension and sack for not living up to expectations.

“I want these teams to be hit with the hammer. Maybe, the LMC should withhold the financial incentives to these erring clubs to serve as a punishment, ” the sports philanthropist and businessman enthused.


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