Calvin Hemery Wants To Play For Nigeria – DAD

Calvin Hemery’s dad has reiterated his son’s desire to play for Nigeria, declaring it’s not good for the country to repeat the mistake we made with of Anthony Joshua.

Ehi Henshaw-Aigbekaen revealed his 22-year-old son is good enough to bring glory to Nigeria after he continued his winning run at the Dayak Tennis Championship Nigeria F2 Futures holding in Abuja.

“He is willing to play for Nigeria because he sees himself as more of a Nigerian than a Frenchman. He wants to put on Nigeria’s colour at international tournaments,” said Henshaw-Aigbekaen, who hails from Edo State.

Continuing, he said, “He’s playing as a Frenchman but he doesn’t get as much support when he is playing abroad; they see him more as a black man but he is not complaining. All he wants is to play for Nigeria. He talked so much about Nigeria and says he love the country. And I think it’s not good for Nigeria to repeat the Anthony Joshua mistake in tennis.”

Born in Les Lilas, France, he is the top seed at the Dayak Championship which is coming on the heels of his triumph at the USA F15 Futures at Vero Beach, Florida on April 29th. He also reached the final of the 2016 Governor’s Cup in Lagos.

Calvin Hemery
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The right handed double backhand player has risen significantly in the last three years ending 2015 with a career high 199 against the 613 in 2013. He is now ranked 279 and could move within the top 200 should he win the Dayak Championship Nigeria F3 Futures, GSL Open Nigeria F4 Futures, and qualify for the main draw at the 2017 French Open as he is listed for the qualifiers at Roland Garros later this month.

“He is a player known across Europe and some other parts of the world having played some challengers and ATP 250 this year alone in addition to the qualifiers at Wimbledon Open and French Open. David Ferrer of Spain described him as up-and-and coming superstar after their match in the Swedish Open last year where Ferrer appreciated his skills.”

He took out Ferrer 6-3 in the first set before his injured knee cost him the match as the Spaniard won the second and third sets 7-5, 6-3 in Bastad.