Tombim, Dayak, GSL Tennis Opens Light Up Abuja

Nigeria’s capital, Abuja will come under global spotlight amongst tennis fans as three ITF Futures Championships namely Tombim Abuja Open, Dayak Tennis Championship, and GSL Open, hold at the National Stadium, Abuja, from May 1st – 21st, 2017.

According to the organisers, the coming on board of GSL Open, increases the number of ITF Futures in Nigeria to four; three of which is in Abuja while the Lagos Governor’s Cup completes the country’s presence on the ITF Calendar.

It’s the third successive year that the number of ITF Futures tournament in Nigeria is increasing as the Tombim Abuja Open is in its third straight year, while the Dayak Championship would be marking its second edition.

“We are pleased to say that this objective has been partially fulfilled as Gladiator Systems Limited, impressed by the success of the Tombim and Dayak championships last year, has decided to join the list of sponsors by sponsoring the GSL Open,” Tournament Director, Ikani Agabi stated, adding the objective is to have as many as 10 ITF Futures tournaments in Nigeria in the next few years.

The Tombim Abuja Open holds from May 1st – 6th while the Dayak Championship will run from May 8th -13th. The GSL Open will round off a seemingly tennis festival from May 13th- 21st.

Each of the tournament has a $25, 000.00 prize-money while the competition has 35 ATP points up for grabs for each week. The winner of all three legs has the potential to jump from not being ranked at all in the world, to being ranked in the top 500 in the world.

Moses Michael.

Entries have been received from Russia, the United States, Uzbekistan Brazil, India, Argentina, South Africa, Croatia, Spain, Zimbabwe, Canada, Uganda, Togo, France, Moldova, Ghana, Zambia, Germany, the UK and a host of other countries.

“The competition is borne out of a desire to provide opportunities for Nigerian Players to collect vital ATP points, and to attract some of the best up-and- coming players in the world to play in Nigeria. The organisers also want to use the competition to show that Nigeria is not as bad as it is portrayed around the world. We are honest, hardworking, friendly and peace loving people, who are very hospitable to foreigners,” Agabi added.


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