More immediately in charge of the event’s delivery will be The Bahamas, hosts of the event for the third time at Nassau’s Thomas A Robinson Stadium. Rosamunde Carey, BAAA President and CEO of the Local Organising Committee, promised that her colleagues were once again up to the task.

“We’re a small island nation with a population of just over 350,000, an island nation that produces and continues to produce some of the best elite athletes in the world,” Carey said.

“We believe that we have found our niche in athletics, and that niche is in hosting the most renowned, excitement-filled and talent-packed relays you will ever experience.

“We guarantee that this will be the best one yet,” Carey said. “We will showcase the most innovative designs for these world relays. From the moment you step into the Thomas A Robinson Stadium, and witness the amazing transformation that has taken place, the excitement builds.”

To anyone who’s already witnessed the World Relays, they’ll be familiar with the electric atmosphere expected to fill the stadium. Among them is local star Anthonique Strachan, a former world junior 100m and 200m champion who’ll contest the mixed 4x400m.

“The crowd support is going to be really nice,” Strachan said. “They’re always very attentive and reactive. In my opinion we have the liveliest crowd ever.”

That crowd will provide ample motivation to Shaunae Miller-Uibo, the recently-minted Olympic 400m champion and at the moment, the host nation’s biggest sporting star. She relishes being a source of that motivation.

“We’re a small country but we’ve got so much heart within us,” said Miller-Uibo, also a member of the mixed relay squad. “We carry the entire Bahamas on our back every time we step on the track. Each time we come out we try to not only motivate ourselves but others too.”


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