CAVB Organises Seminar for African Volleyball Club Championship Coaches

African Volleyball Confederation “CAVB” organised a second Seminar for the coaches of the teams participating in the 2017 Men’s African Club Championship in Tunis, Tunisia.

The Seminar was conducted by CAVB Coaches’ Commission President Sherif Elshemerly and attended by 24 coaches from the participating teams alongside some local coaches.

The seminar discussed some important issues like the tactical relationship between the service and block which took the main part of the deliberations.

Elshemerly also talked about the new rules suggested by the FIVB rules of the Game like the increase in number of substitutions and its effect on the standard of the game.

A special session on the challenge system was discussed including all the conditions to call the challenge.

The seminar comes as a new developmental tool to facilitate the transfer of knowledge for the coaches during big events.