The Ministry of Youth and Sports has disassociated itself from the electoral guidelines currently in circulation announcing that the ministry is yet to release guidelines for the forthcoming sports federations elections.

The Director, Federations and Elite Athlethes Department (FEAD) Mrs Hauwa Kulu-Akinyemi said that the purported document in circulation should be disregarded.

According to Mrs Kulu-Akinyemi, the guidelines will be published as soon as the amendment is concluded.

She said the fake guidelines being circulated indicating that the ministry will begin sale of forms in March and elections will be supervised by the federations is far from the truth.

“We have not published any guidelines for the elections yet, because our legal department is taking a cursory look at what we have. We will make some amendments and then call for a meeting of federation Presidents before we make the guidelines public.

Until then, we ask the public to disregard any document purportedly published by the Ministry of Youth and Sports as it misleading and will not be used to conduct the forthcoming elections”, Kulu-Akinyemi said.

Sports federations are billed to hold their elections in April.


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