CAVB President Announces Launch Of Volleyball E Learning Platform

African Volleyball Confederation “CAVB” President Dr Amr Elwani announces the launch of the first ever E Leaning Platform through the online Beach Volleyball Coaches course this weekend.

Speaking during the launch Dr Elwani was happy to declare the great success of CAVB by the new strategy of shifting to online courses as an easier and low cost project.

“With great pleasure, CAVB is launching this platform as part of our new Board strategy to make information available at no cost to every corner in Africa,” Said Dr Elwani.

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E-Learning has become one of the most recent programmes as it saves a lot for both the confederation and the participants in the costing items beside the role of using this technology to bring more information and drills for the participants.

The new platform will cover all the training education for the coaches and helps to transfer all coaching tools online through the new programme.