The Ministry of Youth and Sports says it has received with dismay press statements and interviews granted by some officials of the Nigeria Football Federation committing Nigeria to supporting a candidate.


The Minister, Barrister Solomon Dalung said that the purported statement is very personal to the NFF President and does not represent the position of the people and the government of Nigeria.

Dalung stated that elections into CAF have a long tradition and Nigeria as a major actor has always taken a position that will not only promote unity and international integration but also take into consideration the interest of Africa and and its sub regional neighbors.

“As it is today, Nigeria has not taken a stand on the candidature of anybody contesting the presidency and should not be misrepresented by anybody. Those aspiring into various offices of CAF are doing so as individuals and are advised not to use the name or image of Nigeria in other to boost their own political fortunes.

Barrister Solomon Dalung, Nigeria's Minister For Youths and Sports
Barrister Solomon Dalung, Nigeria’s Minister For Youths and Sports

“We will support what is good for football but we will exercise our rights through the laid down democratic process as guaranteed by the rules of the game.

“We are appealing to all candidates to go about seeking their support free of rancor and acrimony but should take the interest of the region into consideration. We wish them the best and God bless Nigeria ” Dalung said.