US To Make Baseball Popular In Nigeria

The spokesperson, Embassy of the United States of America, Russell Brooks said the US is making moves to make baseball popular in Nigeria.

Brooks in a clinic organised by “Baseball Tomorrow” in Lokoja hoped the game is embraced by Nigerian for them to be able to feature in the League’s World Series.

“Baseball is very popular in a variety of countries and not just the United States. It is more popular in Japan, South Korea, Phillipines and even more popular in Latin America than the United States” he noted.

“The sport is an international game and we hope Africans especially Nigerians will embrace baseball, so possibly African youths may play in the world series”, Brooks said.


The spokesperson disclosed that there are plenty of opportunities opened for Nigerians ready to embrace the sport as adequate support will be given to them adding that education is extremely important in the pursuit of sporting excellence.

He expressed satisfaction over the efforts put in place by “Baseball tomorrow” in conducting programs in various states of the country.


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