ICC Global Development Team Annual Planning Meeting Concludes In Dubai

The long term growth of cricket was at the heart of the agenda during the ICC Global Development Team Annual Planning Meeting that concluded in Dubai on Thursday, 26 January. The five-day conference, brought together staff from across the five ICC development regions to shape the three-year ICC Global Growth Strategy and create a clear vision for the future growth of the sport.

With sessions on enabling growth, building awareness, creating fan bases and boosting participation, the attendees were challenged to be ambitious and innovative in working with member federations to further develop the sport.

ICC Chief Executive David Richardson believes the outputs from the conference will play an important role in the delivery of the ICC strategy: “One of the four pillars of our strategy is the growth of cricket and ensuring we create more opportunities for more people and nations to enjoy it. This means looking at new markets as well as growing existing cricketing nations.

“To do this we must think differently, invest wisely and be ambitious in our goals. The conference this week is the first step towards that.”

Yannick Colaco, Managing Director, NBA India, was a guest speaker and spoke about the NBA’s approach to aligning commercial, broadcast and participation strategies to achieve sustainable growth providing insight to engaging with new fans successfully.

The ICC senior team also presented to the conference discussing ways to integrate broadcast, digital and media strategies with the ICC development programme to take the sport into non-traditional markets.

ICC Global Development Team Annual Planning Meeting Group Photo credit: ICC
ICC Global Development Team Annual Planning Meeting Group Photo
credit: ICC

ICC’s Head of Global Development, William Glenwright, reflecting on the conference and talking about the next steps, said: “This is an extremely exciting time for the growth of cricket across the world, we have a team that is committed to growing a sport that is inclusive and accessible for all.

“The conference has been crucial to thinking ‘big’ and developing a plan with aggressive targets across all five of our development regions. We will work with member federations to develop cricket both on and off the field to create an environment where the sport can grow and flourish across the world as well as increasing the competitiveness of international cricket at all levels.”


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