The Minister of Youth and Sports Barrister Solomon Dalung has been decorated with the an Honorary 7th Dan award by the Taekwondo family in Nigeria represented by national head coach of Nigeria Taekwondo Kim Jin Beom.

In a brief ceremony held in the office of the Minister in Abuja, the Grandmaster thanked Barrister Dalung for his contributions to the development of the sport in Nigeria.

Also on the occasion, the most senior Taekwondo black belt in Nigeria Grandmaster Dominic Bassey said it was necessary to show gratitude to the Minister for his support for the sport.

“We are bringing you close to us as a Taekwondo family. You have just received a very high ranking award with which you’ll be recognised by the taekwondo family all over the world. You are now a Grandmaster”.

Responding, Barrister Dalung said he was overwhelmed by the honour done to him by the teakwondo family in Nigeria.

Barrister Solomon Dalung, Nigeria's Minister For Youths and Sports
Barrister Solomon Dalung, Nigeria’s Minister For Youths and Sports

” This has gone a long way to challenge me to do more for the promotion and development of the sport. I want to commend the Korean government for their interest and investment in taekwondo in the country. They are partners that we will continue to synergize and collaborate with for the development of sports in Nigeria.

“On behalf of the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, I will want you to convey the gratitude of the government and people of Nigeria for the collaboration we have been enjoying all these years. We will continue to collaborate, encourage and support each other in all our bilateral relations for the benefit of the people of Nigeria and Korea.”

The Minister was decorated with the Taekwondo Uniform and Belt called dabok and also presented with a certificate and identification card as a grandmaster.


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