Aruna Quadri Partners Omar Assar In Doubles Of ITTF World Tour

For this year’s ITTF World Tour, Nigeria’s Aruna Quadri has decided to partner his continental rival – Egypt’s Omar Assar in the men’s doubles event in their bid to make it to the World Tour grand finals later in the year.

The Africa’s best two players to begin their quest by joining might in the men’s doubles event of the first ITTF World Tour tagged Hungarian Open in Budapest.

Having started their partnership in the event in 2015 and 2016 when they made it to the quarterfinal of 2015 Polish Open and main draw of 2016 Austria Open with their biggest win being against the duo of Portugal’s Marcos Freitas and Croatia’s Andre Gacina at the 2015 Polish Open.

For Aruna Quadri, the decision to join forces with Omar Assar was smooth having played together in previous tournament. “It was an easy decision for me to decide to partner Omar Assar because we seem to understand ourselves when we play together. We played very well at the Polish Open and Austria Open and we have made up our mind to play together in all ITTF World Tours this year with the aim of having Africa’s presence at the World Tour grand finals later in the year. We intend to play doubles together in all the World Tour we will be taking part in this year and I am hopeful that we can achieve our aim.”

Nigeria's Aruna Quadri to partner Egypt's Omar Assar for ITTT World Tour
Nigeria’s Aruna Quadri to partner Egypt’s Omar Assar for ITTT World Tour

Explaining the rationale over their decision to concretise their doubles partner in 2017, Omar Assar said: “Aruna Quadri is a very good player in singles and doubles and I think our relationship has been closer lately so we share more ideas off the table too. The first time we played together was at the 2015 Polish Open when we got to quarterfinal with our big win over Freitas and Gacina. Our target is to make it to the grand finals of 2017.”

With both players plying their trade in the elite French league, Aruna Quadri is spearheading Jura Morez while Omar Assar is the key man in Istres.