Chairman League Management Company, (LMC) Shehu Dikko has disclosed that there are plans by the league organizers to get league legend Victor Ezeji involved in a soon to be revealed project.

Dikko reacting to recent calls for Ezeji to be named a league ambassador told VET media that the LMC already had plans for a role to be taken up by the retired striker.

The league boss hinted that the role for which they had Ezeji in mind was one bigger than that of just an ambassador and it will be revealed pretty soon to the public.

Port Harcourt To Host Victor Ezeji Testimonial 17th December 2016
Port Harcourt To Host Victor Ezeji Testimonial 17th December 2016

I think what we are negotiating to give him is even more than being an ambassador because he is going to be fully involved; he is going to drive a project. We are trying to find the right name to tag what we have in mind.

We want to make him really active in the system. An Ambassador is like a celebrity for the league but we want him to do much more than that. So I think what he will end up doing for the league is much more than being an ambassador.

Dikko was however insistent that whatever role Ezeji ended up playing for the league, he would always be regarded as an NPFL Ambassador.

He also informed that the role to be taken up by Ezeji will be the first of its kind by anybody in the league and will help set him up financially.

He can also be called an Ambassador for taking up that position and taking up the role and doing what we are trying to define for him. It’s a role that has not been done before and we trying to define what he will do will not affect the possibility for him to do other things and of course it will support him financially.

Chairman of the LMC, Shehu Dikko
Chairman of the LMC, Shehu Dikko

The LMC boss described Ezeji whose testimonial will be taking place in December as a true ambassador of the Nigerian league and a national hero, who the LMC would be happy to celebrate and bring to the attention of the entire world.

It’s just a matter of time and it will be sorted out. We know he deserves to be put on our shelf so that people can see and get motivated, he deserves all that.

The Victor Ezeji Testimonial is now scheduled to take place on the 17th of December and will be celebrating a player who spent 20 seasons in Nigeria’s top flight.